Great Stories with Charles Morris

#1: Barry Black (U.S. Senate Chaplain): A Beacon of Light on Capitol Hill

November 11, 2020

U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black holds a Bible study with senators and their staff every week, always pointing to Jesus and never taking a side politically. As the United States remains divided after a heated presidential election, Barry Black’s conversation serves as a reminder for American Christians to pray for their nation and neighbors—no matter what side of the aisle they’re on.

Barry Black has been serving the US Senate as chaplain since July, 2003. Before this, he served as a United States Navy Chaplain. Rising to Rear Admiral, Black ended his career as the Navy’s Chief of Chaplains. More recently, Black wrote the forward for the One Year Pray for America Bible that includes non-partisan prayer prompts and inspirational prayers. 

To hear more from Barry Black, watch his powerful 2017 National Prayer Breakfast speech that sparked cheers and brought thousands of attendees to their feet.

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