Great Stories with Charles Morris

#85: Max McLean on Portraying C.S. Lewis in ”The Most Reluctant Convert”

June 22, 2022

If you’ve ever listened to an audio version of the Bible, chances are you were hearing the captivating voice of Max McLean. A classically trained actor, McLean dedicates his talents for the presentation of Scripture and other Christian material. And though many may recognize his voice as the narrator of multiple translations for the Listener’s Bible, he also received great acclaim for his theatrical presentations of The Screwtape Letters, Mark's Gospel, and Genesis.

In this conversation, Charles Morris speaks with Max McLean about his experience writing, starring, and now filming his newest production: The Most Reluctant Convert. Hear what went into telling this groundbreaking story behind C.S. Lewis' long, heel-digging conversion to Christianity, along with how this film is now touching countless lives around the world.