Great Stories with Charles Morris

#62: Journeys Through Scripture: Bible in 90 Days Success Stories

January 12, 2022

Scripture has the tendency to change people’s lives in unexpected ways. For those who have read the Bible from cover to cover, the benefits are endless. In today’s episode, Charles Morris speaks with several people who started and finished the ambitious, but doable, challenge to read the Bible in 90 days. When you listen, you'll hear about their struggles and triumphs as they read through all of Scripture in just three months. You'll also hear how taking in God's Word quickly and consistently changed their lives forever.

If these conversations inspire you to make 2022 the year you read the Bible all the way through, will you consider joining us in reading the Bible in 90 days? You can visit to sign up to receive the reading plan and get weekly encouragement along the way. You can also get your own copy of the print edition of the Bible in 90 Days while you're there.